Memes (article published in jmag, April 2009)

Below is an small piece I wrote for jmag (music magazine). Look out for it in the April 2009 issue:

1. I’m On A Boat
The Lonely Island — three dudes behind the dorkomedy ‘Hot Rod’ and now on the writing staff for SNL — recently released an entire album of ‘Incredibad’ tracks just like this one (you may have seen/heard their debut single Jizz In My Pants). Watch it, motherfucker. This shit is real.

Fave lyric/rhyme: I’m on a boat and, it’s going fast and, I got a nautical theme pashmina afghan.

2. Stuff On My Cat
Another cat meme. It’s so shit. I love it. It’s like lolcats, with half the effort. Step one: find a cat. Step two: place stuff on your cat. Step three: take a photo of your cat and post it at alongside other golden moments like the Diana Ross cat, a cat spooning a pug, and quite a lot of inanimate objects — trash seems to be a reoccurring theme — on top of cats.

3. Goat Bandit
In case you missed it… here’s what made the “World News” in The Australian newspaper last Australian Day. Apparently a couple of armed hoodlums were caught attempting to jack a Mazda 323. One got away and the other turned himself into a goat. Way to bleat [sic] the system eh? Must have got the idea from those wily camels dressed like the Blues Brothers tearing-it-up in a Rav4?

4. Forrest Gump In 1 Minute
Save yourself 141 minutes and inhale the entire Forrest Gump film epic in a single minute (and the length of one football field). Imagine if those clever college kids started [re]making other one-take, one-minute movies. Well they have. I went ahead and watched Kill Bill (Parts 1 & 2) in one minute). Have a dig and you’ll find loads of 60-second bootleg blockbusters including Fight Club, Wall-E, Alien, Jurassic Park and loads more in Jack Black’s “sweded” format.

5. Take On Me (The Literal Version)
Take on some new lyrics in the form of blatantly obvious commentary of the video clip, set to the song’s original score: audible laughter. Dustin McLean, of (also the Senior Animator behind Current TV’s hilarious SuperNews) seems to have a penchant for pointing out the absurdity of 80s clips — also top value, the literal version of Billy Idol’s White Wedding (searchable on any good streaming video site). Though it seems this very funny, very cynical dude could make Bob Dylan seem like a naff c#@t.

NB: You can see all the videos above online at