New York Bicycle Film Festival

Never Sleep

I recently had the opportunity to head to New York to check out and hang out at the Bicycle Film Festival ‘world headquarters’. Friends from BFF HQ some of the other visiting cities bombed around between bars, parties, and art shows in mild summer weather — without doubt, the most fun I’ve ever had on a bicycle.

Locals sharing live music and art on the street in Brooklyn made the streets feel friendly and inviting. And the wide (but hectic), flat avenues in Manhattan spurred an irresistable urge to go fast — not a great idea with a $5000 camera strapped to your bike frame though. I had minor altercation with a NY cab, so decided not to persist filming after the test run.

Benny Zenga (a film maker from Toronto) was one new friend I met while helping out at HQ. His film ‘Where Are You Go’ — documenting his expedition through Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town and South Africa on his head-turning ‘Tall Horse’ bicycle — was a highlight of the festival program. Of course, I jumped at the chance to take it for a spin before he boxed it up to return home.

You can read a short article I wrote about our adventure at FHM and Qantas Travel Insider or browse through the full gallery of photos.

We’re really looking forward to the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival this year (11-14 November 2009). Come and say hello.