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October 2010

Five live tracks from two of China's most influential indie punk acts

Reel Cool #3: New York (China) Dolls

Five live tracks from two of China's most influential indie punk acts and one incredible, 'free folk' act. Filmed almost exactly 12 months ago in Brooklyn's powerHouse Arena. I love the film grading and production. Feels like it could have been filmed 30 years ago. Very special performances. 753
JR exhibition

Images from JR Exhibition in Shanghai

Wrote a post yesterday about JR's work. Went and check out his latest exhibition opening at 18Gallery on the Bund tonight in Shanghai. JR himself (+team) was at the gallery and I managed to catch him to ask a few questions that I was keen for answers on. I also found out the locations of some of his Shanghai pieces. 736

Transmedia: Time To Think About The Past

"Future, it's a time to think about the past" Cut Copy (2004). I'm constantly reminded by people a lot smarter than I am (like my friend Craig Schuftan) that so many of our latest trends and our brave new 'future' world is actually just clever re-packaging of the past. Especially when it comes to media... 732
Ted Prize Artist JR

TED Prize Winner in Shanghai: Street Artist JR

Pervasive street artist JR, who was just awarded the TED Prize, is opening his latest exhibition 'The Wrinkles of a City' in Shanghai tonight. His work is characterised by intimately-shot black and white photographs, super-sized and pasted in remarkable urban locations. There's always a strong humanitarian message in his works. 725
New Warpaint Album The Fool

Listen: New Warpaint Album ‘The Fool’

Stream The Fool below. The latest album from LA's dreamy psych-pop quartet, Warpaint will be released next week. I love these guys. My review (or someone else's) to follow. 720
Adam Perry iPhone

Adam Perry’s iPhone App to Change Music Industry

Last weekend, the Guardian reported on the launch of Adam Perry's (A and Bloodhound Gang) new iPhone app. But is it really going to change the music market in the way that it needs to?
Yuri Suzuki Product Design Meets Music

Yuri Suzuki: Product Design Meets Music

The Sound Chaser is an amplified toy train with a stylus (record needle) that runs along tracks made of old vinyl records. The artist, Yuri Suzuki is an amazing dude who, for the last few years, has been leading innovation on the relationship between music and product design. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of the new music-inspired products he produced for the London Design Festival. Below are some of my favourite musical products Suzuki has created over the last few years...including a musical kettle, which looks more like a guitar than a kitchen appliance. 706
Tame Impala

Best Live Tame Impala Session Ever

Free download or stream Tame Impala's very special Daytrotter session below. I've been a die-hard Daytrotter fan for years now. It's a unique free music model with an amazing story behind it. And I recommend it to almost anyone who ever asks me where to go for some new music. 696
Jarvis Cocker Does Disco

Jarvis Cocker Does Disco

I've been sitting on this track for a couple of weeks now. It's time to share. Without further ado, a match made in futuristic disco heaven...French duo Discodeine "Syncronize" featuring Jarvis Cocker (formerly of Pulp). Out next month on Dirty / DFA.

Reel Cool #2: Five Music Videos Trying to Change the World

Below are five amazing music videos that will change your view of the world. Heck, with your help they may even change the world. The artists involved include: Muse, Radiohead, The Killers, David Bowie, Queen, Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear, The National and Conor Oberst... the list goes on. Just watch. 681
Little Punk

Little Punk: China’s Answer to SoKo

Shanghai lofi indie-folker, Little Punk has just dropped her sophomore album, Hey guy, you are big time alright. and it's well worth a listen. Now. 672
Joel Burns Gay Teens

The Ugly Side of Youth Culture

Gay, straight, bi-sexual, whatever you are, you need to watch this. It's not something that many youth trend/culture blogs like to talk about, which is one reason I'm posting it here. Youth suicide is the third highest cause of death amongst 15-24 year-olds globally, exceeded only by "Accidents" and "Assaults". The key to change doesn't lie in censorship or even reportage. It's a responsibility that should be shouldered by 'soap operas' (ie. popular culture). (via)
24 Hours in Mumbai (Bombay) for Qantas

24 Hours in Mumbai (Bombay) for Qantas

On the surface, Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is true to the imaginative representations of popular fiction. But chaos, noise and filth are merely birthmarks on India’s biggest and most diverse city. Offensive contradictions coexist harmoniously in its flesh. But its dusty old soul rewards persistent open-mindedness and brave curiosity...
Continue reading this article on the Qantas Travel Blog and check out the featured photo gallery.
Patrick Seabase Motorpace

Patrick Seabase: Motor-paced Cycling

Brand new video from Switzerland's Patrick Seabase (former pro skater and sponsored track bike rider). Great to see him spending a lot more time on the bike these days. He was the driving force behind the recently defunct GOrilla bicycle company and currently working on a number of his own projects. Stay tuned to his new blog for updates. Motor-paced training refers to act of riding very close behind a van or motorcycle (with the rider providing the windbreak) and using the slipstream to reach speeds of up to 100km/h. It's one of the toughest cycling sessions a rider can do. As you'll see in the video, Patrick reaches 83km/h on on his carbon track bike. Update: Tips on Motor-paced training. And some beautiful still shots from Ian White.
Nick Peden China Youth

Nick Peden: Images of Contemporary China

Here's a selection of really interesting images from Nick Peden. Nick recently returned to Shanghai, after a research adventure through greater China, focusing on youth culture in the country's second-tier cities. These images remind me why I love living in this part of the world. 634
Wham in China

George Michael Released + Wham! in China

[October 12, 2010] George Michael has been released from prison after serving half of an eight-week sentence for crashing his car while under the influence of cannabis. [via Guardian]
To mark this day, here's Lindsay Anderson's "Foreign Skies" documentary of Wham!'s 1985 China tour. Wham! was the first western band to tour China, consummating the 10-day tour with a show, attended by 10,000 screaming fans at the Workers' Gymnasium in Beijing. 621

9 Ways to Improve the Lifelounge Youth Trends Report

Recently, I was contacted on Twitter (along with a few others) and offered a report containing "research on 16-30 y.o tastes in music, sport, fashion, entertainment". The Urban Market Research (UMR) report is a collaboration between Lifelounge and Sweeney Research. But the question is, "Do we need another trend report?" Here's nine ways Lifelounge and Sweeney Research can improve their UMR. 611
Yann Tiersen Dust Lane

New Album: Yann Tiersen’s ‘Dust Lane’

Stream 'Dust Lane', the new album from Yann Tiersen, composer of the soundtrack to the cutesy French film "Amelie". 596
Reel Cool Music Videos

Reel Cool #1: A Week of Music Videos

"Reel Cool" is a weekly post series featuring five videos worthy of your eyeballs. Here's the first and it's all music: El Guincho (Spain), Oh Mercy (Australia), Twin Shadow, Airport (India) and Bang Bang Tang (China)... 589
Indie India part 2

Indie India: What’s the fuss about? (Pt. 2)

Read Part 1 of this series: "Indie India: 'Early Influencers'" This is the second post in a three-part series, reporting on Mumbai's independent music scene today and offering some commentary on the challenges facing India's emerging music industry. 567