ARAB in Shanghai

Swiss artist and my good mate, Ian White (aka Cutterskink, aka ARAB) recently dropped into Shanghai for a visit. Among some of the the mischief while he was here, we thew some paint up in an incredible abandoned old building. Check out some of the stills from the area on flickr.

While he was here we took a ride out to Moganshan Lu (莫干山路), one of Shanghai’s gallery districts. The area is also one of very few places in China where you’ll find street art/graffiti.

Hat tip to Adam Schokora for the handy tip-off on where to buy paint — 237 Aomen Lu, near Changshu Lu. Also, massive thanks to Adam for translating a request Ian received to do a commissioned piece.

I’m now looking after Ian’s interests in Asia/Pacific and working on an exhibition of his (Cutterskink) canvas-based fine art pieces, in Shanghai.

Details to follow shortly.