Nick Peden: Images of Contemporary China

Here’s a selection of really interesting images from Nick Peden. Nick recently returned to Shanghai, after a research adventure through greater China, focusing on youth culture in the country’s second-tier cities. These images remind me why I love living in this part of the world.

Birds of prey at the local Shanghai fixed gear store

Our local fixed-gear garage/barn often has free-roaming chickens, fighting crickets (insect) and now birds of prey.

"ROTC" Youth: Changsha, China

“ROTC” Youth

Summer in Qin Tai Park, China

Qin Tai Park

Hong Kong Hospitality: Chungking Mansion

Hong Kong Hospitality

“And this is the rat-hole 80 HK$ (10 US$) gets you. Not even a sheet on the bed… fuck the Chungking Mansion!”

Modified road bike in Hong Kong

Only in Hong Kong.

Bikes and cigarettes

The transport of champions.

Moonless Acheron at Nuts Club in Chongqing

Moonless Acheron (aka 暗月冥) at Nuts Club in Chongqing, China.

Nick is headed back to New York next week. But we’re sure he’ll be back again soon. Read his “China Youth Tour” blog series for Enovate. More images on Nick’s tumblr.