Video: 5KUAI (Shanghai)

My first attempt at a technique called “lens wacking” or “free lensing”:

A short film about our neighbours.

The couple downstairs in our Shanghai laneway compound spend every afternoon dicing up fresh vegetables and cooking fresh noodle pasta. Then at 9pm, they wheel it out onto the intersection at the end of our laneway and fry-up woks full of tasty vegetable noodles until 5am.

Between the laneway and the intersection is one of the most popular fruit shops among residents of the French Concession. The local business owner stocks a huge range of hard-to-get imported ingredients and fresh produce, which has earned her the name ‘Arugula Lady‘ among expats.

For 5 kuai, you can eat like a king in Shanghai.

Song is a special Daytrotter Studio recording of ‘Ghosting’ by Freelance Whales. Download the whole session free.

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  • Colleen

    Beautiful Andy. Makes me miss China. Nice tunes too.

  • Andy

    Thanks Colleen. You should download the tunes from the link and bookmark It’s always got amazing music (for free!).

    China misses you too.

  • Sophie Hirst

    Andy I loved this, and googled ‘lens wacking’ immediately – thank you for making my friday night lovely

  • Andy

    Thanks Sophie. You just made my Friday night too.

  • nick yo

    So lovely I felt compelled to post it on ze blog ( Great video!

  • Andy

    Cheers Nick! Been missing you on the evening bike rides.

  • sandy / phatsh

    very cool, i like the way it came out!

  • Andy

    Thanks Sandy. I check in on all the time. You planning a trip back here anytime soon?

  • Markie Bryant

    Really nice mate. Beautiful tune.

  • Andy

    Thanks Markie. Let me know how your Shanghai projects are going.

  • Kidplastik

    Makes me miss Wulumuqi Lu.

    Nice work.

  • flunk

    really feeling this………thanks

  • Andy

    Thanks flunk! It’s really nice to have your feedback.

  • Karla

    This is so beautiful GK! Can’t wait to see it in person :)

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