Article (link): The Breakdown of Tribal Borders

Flickr Photo Download: The Breakdown of Tribal Borders (MEDIA Magazine)
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The article above discusses insights into the failures of marketing efforts targeting China’s Youth, and recommendations moving forward. Finally, hard numbers to prove that youth don’t have to belong to one tribe. In fact, the study cited in the article above suggests that Chinese youth dip in and out of a number of different sub-cultural tribes simultaneously.

I don’t believe this is a trend unique to China, or even Asia. It’s clear there a number of differences between Chinese and western Gen Ys, but this isn’t one of them. And I’d be interested to see the results of the same study in Western cultures.

The idea that the desires of youths in Asia can be defined (and understood) by association with a single sub-cultural niche is an example of the same tarring rampant amongst marketers trying to take advantage of “hipster” culture the world over.

What are your feelings on the ideas put forward in the article? Please post links to other related articles and studies.