Yuri Suzuki: Product Design Meets Music

The Sound Chaser is an amplified toy train with a stylus (record needle) that runs along tracks made of old vinyl records. The artist, Yuri Suzuki is an amazing dude who, for the last few years, has been leading innovation on the relationship between music and product design. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of the new music-inspired products he produced for the London Design Festival. Below are some of my favourite musical products Suzuki has created over the last few years…including a musical kettle, which looks more like a guitar than a kitchen appliance.

Click on a picture for more detailed info on each product:

Musical Kettle:

Yuri Suzuki's Musical Kettle

As this kettle boils. It whistles your favourite tune.

Graffiti Radio (Future Pirate Radio):

Graffiti Pirate Radio

Artists can spray QR codes, which when viewed with with mobile phone camera, leads the viewer to the pirate radio station through the internet.

Sound Jewellery:

Sound Jewellery

Grooves etched in the jewellery preserve precious memories in sound –like a personal message from a loved one.

[via Core77]

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  • Javid van der Piepers

    that was AWESOME

  • http://pitythecool.com Andy

    Yeh, inspiring stuff. Made me think about other unconventional ways sound and colour can be used to to communicate.

    An idea that came to me while reading about Suzuki was to develop a digital radio station that plays music based on the weather patterns and/or moods of listeners and their locations. This idea was introduced briefly in Lissie’s “Cuckoo” music video, which is controlled by the weather.

    Have you come across any other great examples or had any ideas of your own?