Best Live Tame Impala Session Ever

Free download or stream Tame Impala’s very special Daytrotter session below. I’ve been a die-hard Daytrotter fan for years now. It’s a unique free music model with an amazing story behind it. And I recommend it to almost anyone who ever asks me where to go for some new music.

“Innerspeaker” is a record that makes me want to go out and buy my own motorcycles, to take my own children on rides, to let the speed rip just enough that it feels abnormally fast for a change, with the noise from the machine’s roar blurring out anything else that might be happening in the ditches or in our heads. It’s as if Tame Impala has cornered a market for giving people the thrill of high speeds and beautifully scenic rides – their songs causing your head to fuzz out of balance and synchronize completely with what it might mean to experience perfect light and perfect air and perfect sound. [Sean Moeller]

I couldn’t agree more with Sean’s analogy. Shortly after listening to this session I went for a nice, long, fast, late Sunday afternoon bicycle ride to Shanghai’s Bund area and out into the long, flat stretches of wide road in commercial graveyards, waiting for residential towers to sprout like row crops. Legs burning and wind buffeting at my face to steal my breath. Solitude is bliss.

Download or stream the whole session at Daytrotter.