Carsick Cars Announce Split

Carsick Cars, perhaps one of China’s most well known indie acts to international audiences, has split. Read an English translation of the band’s official statement on Douban today below.

We made an important decision: the difference between music and members interested in their development plans. Bassist (Li Qing) and drummer (Li Weisi) have opted out of the band; Zhang Shouwang with the new members will continue to create music under name Carsick Cars. Nov. 16 will be the final Carsick Cars performance with all original members. From the first rehearsal in 2005 and performed more than five years, the three of us together to complete two albums, gone through hundreds of performances, as well as domestic and European and American tour, this is our most important life experiences and memories . In the future, Li Qing and Li Weisi will focus more on music and the Soviet Pop on Snapline; As well as continuing Carsick Cars, Zhang Shouwang is also engaged with other musical projects [including collaboration with Beijing noise act] White. The three of us are also likely to cooperate on other musical projects in the future.

The band toured with Sonic Youth in 2007 and played more international festivals than any other indie act from China, in the last five years. We watch with interest, for the fruits of future projects, from individual members.

Watch an amazing, intimate, live performance from the band in New York.

[via Douban]