Little Punk: China’s Answer to SoKo

Shanghai lofi indie-folker, Little Punk has just dropped her sophomore album, Hey guy, you are big time alright. and it’s well worth a listen. Now.

Xiao Pengke (Little Punk) has an approachable voice, un-polished and delivered like a stream of conscience. She’s supported by the stripped-back sound of a single (but rather versatile) guitar. Punk riffs, slide coyly into bending 50s swing strums. But Hey guy, you are big time alright. is “punk” in a state-of-mind kind of way, rather than being bound to a genre. Little Punk’s folk sensibility and explicit storytelling remind me of French singer-songwriter, SoKo. And her accent even manages moments that hint at a French tongue.

Download or stream Little Punk’s Hey guy, you are big time alright. over at Bandcamp. Produced by Adam Gaensler. Executive Producer, Andy Best.

While you’re listening, browse these intriguing images (the product of a “break and enter” adventure) in an semi-demolished, traditional Shanghai laneway.

Images shot by extremely talented Beijing photographer, Ren Hang (航 任).

Correction: Title image does not picture Xiao Pengke (Little Punk). It is actually Sansan from Shanghai band, Boojii (shot on the same night, same location). Little Punk is the one with the big white flower in her mouth (see slide show above).