New Album: Yann Tiersen’s ‘Dust Lane’

Stream ‘Dust Lane’, the new album from Yann Tiersen, composer of the soundtrack to the cutesy French film “Amelie”.

On the whole, ‘Dust Lane’ is pretty damn depressing. My girlfriend asked me to turn it off, one track into the second run-through. It’s absolutely nothing like Tiersen’s “Amelie” soundtrack. But it’s equally beautiful in a different way. And even cover art (above) seems ripe with stories, begging for the big screen.

If you only listen to one track, hit “Dark Stuff” (track 3). An dark tale of accordion, eerie piano riffs and the extended drone of heavy bass synths that let you up for air just in time to avoid drowning into the emotional noise.

Tiersen himself sums up ‘Dust Lane’ best.

“My plan was also to play with contrast between electric and quite dense parts and more sober and minimal quiet parts including piano and strings,” Tiersen explains. So, voices join together in chorus, arcing violins and crashing drums build towards mighty fanfares — but then, clouds part, squall recedes to silence, and mournful piano and strings guide you home.”

Yann Tiersen – Dust Lane by Yann Tiersen

Album out this week – 12 October on ANTI.

[via IFC]