Reel Cool #1: A Week of Music Videos

“Reel Cool” is a weekly post series featuring five videos worthy of your eyeballs. Here’s the first and it’s all music: El Guincho (Spain), Oh Mercy (Australia), Twin Shadow, Airport (India) and Bang Bang Tang (China)…

1. El Guincho – Bombay [NSFW]

(via @jefske)

A new standard in visual mash-up. The clip doubles as a trailer for an up-coming film of the same name. Directed by Nicolás Méndez of avant-guarde production trio CANADA (Barcelona). Not since the Chemical Brothers, has a video clip been so woven so tightly into such a complex layers of sounds. A must watch.

2. Oh Mercy – Keith St

On the surface, this video isn’t particularly special. But I love its understated-ness, the ‘Take-away Show’ feel and Alexander’s anti-swagger. Side-note: Director Brad Lawson (UK) also just returned from India. He worked on the clip during a 12 month sabbatical, traveling through Australia, Borneo, India and Nepal. The song is really what makes this video.

3. Twin Shadow – Castles in the Snow

(via @kaityfox)

Another grungy clip full of manufactured 80s nostalgia. The track features on the recent Forget LP from New York-based Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr. The album was produced by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. Rolling Stone have a nice profile on Lewis’s recent history and inspiration. ‘Slow’ is another stand-out track on the album.

4. Airport – Raat

Sapna Bhavnani sent me this video earlier in the week. It’s the latest piece of work from Mumbai production collective, Madowot, for local indie ‘super-group’ Airport. Nicely shot and stars Sapna herself. Young companies, like Madowot are critical to the continued growth of India’s indie music scene.

5. Bang Bang Tang (棒棒糖 aka Lollipop): 我最爱缺陷男 (“My favorite male defects”)

One in a handful of great Shanghai bands deserving of more attention. “The complete package”, according to Andy Best. And he’s spot on. The incredible voice of lead Xiao Bai (who also happens to be incredibly cute), an exciting live show and a bunch of jazz-laced indie pop tracks begging for an official release.

  • Sophiemariehirst

    Loving the Bang Bang Tang clip! Keep it coming Miller.

  • Andy

    Thanks Soph!