Canada + China Leading Piracy

The US names and shames the world’s worst piracy offenders. The release, circulating news wires around the world couldn’t come at a more opportune time for two of the main offenders. From 28 May–4 June 2010, a league of Canada’s key music industry innovators and decision makers travel to China for the mainland’s largest music industry business conference –transmitCHINA.

The Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus, made up of 70 members of the US House of Representatives and Senate, made the following statements on the state of piracy in Canada and China.

Canada is a “leading host” of illegal file-sharing sites and its “enforcement record continues to fall short of what should be expected of our neighbour and largest trading partner.” [isoHunt]

In China, “copyright theft is viewed in some sectors of the economy as a legitimate strategy for Chinese competitiveness,” the caucus said. “This must end.” [Baidu MP3]

Adam Schiff, a congressional representative said, more pressure needs to be placed on the companies and banks facilitating transactions on the offending sites.

“We not only have to put pressure on these countries that are tolerating piracy or encouraging piracy but we also have to put some pressure on companies here at home that are helping facilitate piracy,” Schiff said. “We need to dry up that revenue stream as part of the attack on those sites.”

“This includes companies like Visa and Mastercard that facilitate financial transactions on these sites,” he said.

A task made more difficult in China, where “China Union Pay [a state endorsed entity]…remains the sole authorised provider of electronic payments” (Reuters).

A series of roundtable discussions are scheduled at the transmitCHINA conference in Shanghai (3–4 June) to discuss challenges for the world’s music industries. It will be an opportune time for Canadian and Chinese envoys to open dialogue on how to approach music piracy.

More on the outcomes of these discussions following the conference.

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