RIP Gingers: Evolution of a Media Meme

It’s been building for 5 years. Content featuring (and often abusing) gingers was controversial, trendy, popular, socially acceptable and most recently endorsed by the Victorian Government in Australia. It was funny for a while. But thanks to a lame and very, very late grab at being cool and controversial by VicRoads and more likely, their ad agency, it’s over.

Highlights of the last 5 years of ‘Gingers in memes':

South Park ‘Ginger Kids’,  Nov 2005

Summer Heights High, 2007

Sorry Ranga Day, Aug 2008

Gingers have Souls, Jan 2010

MIA ‘Born Free’ music video, April 2010

Vic Roads, June 2010

Pick odd one out on that list. It’s not hard. All bar one are either funny or challenging. With Australia’s new Prime Minster also a redhead, brace yourself for an onslaught of gingers in lame advertisements. Disclaimer: Obviously South Park didn’t invent the idea of making fun of people with ginger hair.

What were your favourite ginger meme memories? Or is there still hope for the future?

RIP Ginger memes.

  • Sophie

    Great post! Will be interesting to see what the next chapter is in “minorities it's acceptable to make fun of”.

  • andyjmiller

    True. I think it works like any other trend. In the 80s I remember it being acceptable for people to make blonde jokes. Now, it seems to be less less acceptable, slash pretty daggy.

  • Nicole

    ergh what a pathetic ad !

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