We All Want to Be Young in China

“We All Want To Be Young in China” is a video I concepted/directed for enovate (edited by Giuseppe Farina). It’s a 3-minute crash course on the evolution of contemporary youth culture in China. I really hope it inspires young people in China and educates those outside China on some of the influences on this increasingly important and ever changing consumer group.

Those in China sans VPN can view it here.

The video was inspired by the popular online video from Box1824 called “We All Want To Be Young”.

  • http://twitter.com/joshthinks Joshua Capelin

    Nice work Andy. Certainly changes my perception of China – as the bubble in my head consists only of smog, factories and oppression. On the latter – what’s your take on just how much young china is watching the rest of the world when from what I read, China has stepped up its opposition to and silencing of ‘Western’ perspectives of its own leading identities?

  • http://pitythecool.com Andy

    Thanks Josh. And great question.

    Despite some efforts by the Government to “silence” leading identities, I really feel that it’s more about the message stuff like this sends rather than any attempt to prevent Western perspectives creeping into the country. As you would have seen in the video, a lot of global cultural trends have filtered-in—thought they’re not always manifested in the same way—due to youth being online and connected to the rest of the World. The firewall is another token “message”, as it’s very easy to access blocked sites with widely available VPN software (e.g. most of my local friends are on Facebook, which is blocked).

    I guess the bottom line is that, while there’s a ton of stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes (like anywhere), young people in Tier 1 cities generally know what’s going on in China and around the world and are often very vocal about injustices on sites like Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter). You can read about their reactions to SOME of this stuff on chinasmack.com.

  • http://twitter.com/joshthinks Joshua Capelin

    Right – I didn’t know that. Good, I’m glad. Must be like watching a kettle about to whistle at times….

  • Jeff

    Enjoyed your video.  Being based in the U.S. but traveling often to China – it is great to learn from somebody who actuallylives in China and observing many things that one only realized when living there. Having had the privilege of interviewing people such as Daniel Wu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AEfKUrOeT8&feature=related), I am privileged to learn even more