Take-Away Shows for China

It’s been a very busy month, being on the road filming a research video with enovate and launching a new music video project with my friend Charles Lanceplaine. Let’s talk about the music videos first. The most recent one, filmed in Taipei is embedded in this post (watch it here if you’re inside China)

The project’s called DaBaoGe (打包歌) and it’s a bi-lingual acoustic music video project (generously translated by Xiaoyi (Agina) Liu) inspired by La Blogotheque’s Take-Away Shows. We generally shoot the shows in a single-take, but it’s not necessarily a prerequisite. It’s an idea that I (and no doubt countless other people) have had for a while—I even pitched something similar for a Nokia campaign last year—but for whatever reason, no one actually acted on it until now.

The idea is to promote live performance, artistry and musicianship, but (perhaps more) importantly to promote live music in Greater China –and that includes both local and visiting acts. China and in particular, Shanghai needs something like this. When building a sustainable/flourishing music scene, it’s not enough to just book shows at your local livehouse. People (local artists for a start) need to be involved and have an incentive to be involved in off-stage promotion and engagement, beyond the promise of ‘success’ when and if the (bigger) audiences come.

It’s far to early to speak of the project in terms of success or failure. But the amount of attention it’s received from brands, music fans and friends is hugely exciting and we’re stoked to have the support of La Blogotheque founders Chryde and Vincent Moon. We’ve also started collaborating with insanely talented local artists Nini Sum and Gregor Koerting of Idlebeats. They’ll be doing a limited edition print for each show we film. There’s another ‘take-away’ element to the whole collaboration too. But let’s break that when it happens.

So far we’ve created four films with three artists: Dutch folk act The Black Atlantic, US electro duo French Horn Rebellion and Taiwanese indie dream-pop outfit Fetish People. We owe on-going thanks to local promoters like Split Works and S.T.D for continuing to bring interesting acts to town. Check them out. We’re constantly trying to improve and love feedback. Check in to the facebook page or twitter for alerts about new films.

If you know a band interested in filming a show with us, send an email to blog@dabaoge.net.

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    I should have also mentioned in the post that we realised yesterday that the current version of the site fails when it comes to being China friendly. But we’re working on that.

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