The BBC Called: They want to know how musical you are…

BBC Labs are running some online tests that examine your relationship with music. Being someone who has played music for most of my life, listens to it heavily and even worked in the industry, I was curious to know how I scored. Link for the test and further explanation of the results after the jump.

Obviously this sort of testing/research has its limitations. But you just might learn something about yourself. Take the test here – how musical are you?

Enthusiasm for Music (76%)

Your ‘Enthusiasm for Music’ score shows how important music is to you in your daily life. It also indicates how much time and money you devote to music.

You scored high for enthusiasm, which suggests that music is a major part of your life. You almost certainly spend more time than most people just listening to music or with music on in the background while you do other things.

You probably also spend more money and use more of your free-time than average on music-related activities. You are also likely to enjoy reading and writing about music, as well as talking about it with other people.

Musical Perception (99%)

This is perhaps the most traditional measure of musical skill and indicates how well you understand the qualities of music, such as rhythm, pitch, tuning and genre.

You scored high for musical perception, which suggests that you have a good ear for music. You can probably sing in tune and are better than average at keeping a beat. You can also tell the difference between types of instruments and musical genres. People with high ability are often able to create music on their own or with others. You are likely to have performed well in the other musical tests.

Emotional Connection (76%)

This looks at how music affects your moods and feelings.

You scored high for emotional connection, which indicates that music can strongly influence your feelings and that you may even use it to manage your mood. It’s likely that you also find music a powerful tool for reconnecting with past events and memories. Your results suggest you connect more deeply with music than most people, with some songs having the power to completely change your emotional state.

Social Creativity (80%)

This looks at creating music and sharing in group activities where music is involved.

You scored high for Social creativity, which suggests that you have a good memory for melodies and have no trouble recalling new songs or musical phrases. It’s likely that you are confident in group activities where music is involved and are able to join in, singing or clapping along with others. You probably find it easier than most people to imagine new melodies in your head.

Musical Curiosity (98%)

This assesses how open you are to new musical genres and experiences.

You scored high for musical curiosity, which suggests that you are open to exploring new music from unfamiliar artists, styles and genres. As a result, you’re likely to be exposed quite regularly to a greater range of musical styles and have broader tastes than the average person. You may also enjoy going to live music events more for the experience than the type of music being played.