DBG #3 French Horn Rebellion | This Moment

Location: Shanghai, China

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Translation by Agina Liu (喜北肉豆蔻)

Our third DaBaoGe release is very different to the first two, but still very much embedded with the spontaneity and artistry that defines this production style. We quite literally decided to turn up at the venue (Mao Livehouse in Shanghai) and pitch the idea to brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion) after their stage performance. Popular local Shanghai act Duck Fight Goose warmed-up the sparse crowd, scattered over two levels and huddled in glassed-off nooks. We eventually found STD promoter Reggie Laxatives, who turned out to be from the same mid-sized Australian city as Andy.

打包歌第三弹的这支乐队同之前两个乐队相比可说是风格迥异,但仍与打包歌的所希求的艺术风格十分契合。因而我们决定前往演出场地(Mao Livehouse上海),希望在演出结束后能向 Perlick-Molinari兄弟(French Horn Rebellion)简述我们此行的目的。在颇受欢迎的上海乐队鸭打鹅的开场乐声中,散布在场内各个角落的慵懒看客们逐渐聚集到了台前,而我们也终于找到STD的赞助人 Reggie Laxatives, 凑巧的是,他和Andy都是来自澳洲某个中型城市。

Their stage performance was a DJ set infused with slapstick theatrics and eponymous french horn solos. Let’s be honest, we had no idea what to expect aside from a the few clips cued on MySpace while getting ready to leave the house and rumours they shared a producer with MGMT –in fact the ‘Time To Pretend EP‘ was produced by David Perlick-Molinari himself. We only realised the band were willing to shoot with us when they emerged into the main bar, necking a bottle of bourbon, offered us some and said they’d do it “later”.

他们当晚的演出是穿插着各种诡异的闹剧及自身同名专辑歌曲的DJ 表演. 实话实说,除开我正准备离开家时在MySpace上看到的关于他们的少量视频和他们同MGMT共享一个制作人的新闻之外(事实上那张“Time to Pretend”的EP是David自己制片的),我们真的不知道该对他们的现场抱以何种期待。直到他们出现在酒吧,点了瓶波旁还拉着我们一起喝的时候,我们才确认他们愿意参与我们的拍摄,“不过要晚一点”。

At 3am, with their entourage already outside hailing taxis we recorded this little ditty jam. Ambient vocals supplied by six drunk punters supporting the flaccid limbs of a friend—a life size marionette drifting in and out of consciousness—in the stairwell below. It didn’t turn out exactly how we expected. But in a way, that’s what it’s all about.


Charles Andy

DaBaoGe (打包歌)