DBG #5 小朋克 Little Punk (Part 1) | Fine Darling

Location: 上海Shanghai, 中国China

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Translation by Agina Liu (喜北肉豆蔻)

We ran into some sound issues on this shoot. Without getting too technical on you, the vocal mic was malfunctioning and didn’t pick up much sound. Oh, and it was 8am. That’s not an excuse, it’s just…8am! Moving on…the great thing about 8am is the light. Especially golden streaks bouncing around the concrete walls of this incredible, hidden laneway, quite literally a stone’s through from Shanghai’s Suzhou Creek. We’ve accepted the floors in this film, but we want to share it with you anyway, because we still love it like we would our own child, if we had one.


For us, this beautiful track—written by Pei Pei (黄佩) or Little Punk as she’s known—is in an odd way, about acceptance, denial and being your own boss. Like a moment of self-reflection, when you see yourself making mistakes and at the same time being seemingly helpless to stop it. A little part of you accepts the perceived reality or maybe gives up and ignorance kicks in. You’re not the boss of me. I’m the boss of me. I can fuck it up if I want to.


Amid the constant banter with Boys Climbing Ropes bandmate, Jordan, Little Punk painted us a vivid picture of this kind of acceptance and her future life as an older, plumper, hairier, living-room laoban.


“Morgan, get me a another beer!” Little Punk screeched, impersonating her future self.

Jordan: “Yeh, you’ll be the laoban in the relationship one day”

Little Punk: “I’m already the laoban!~”


Jordan: “再这段关系里,你有一天会变成老板的。”


Please enjoy this special version of “Fine Darling” by Little Punk.

请享受这一首特别的,小朋克的“Fine Darling”。

Charles Andy

DaBaoGe (打包歌)