DGB #2 Fetish People | You Got Me When I Stare At You

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

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Translation by Agina Liu (喜北肉豆蔻)

Ask someone in Taipei to recommend a great local band and the common reply is that there are none—followed by a cheeky giggle—which is surprising after spending time in China, a region that takes many of its pop-cultural cues from Taiwan. That said, with a bit of digging, you’ll find plenty of interesting people making great music. Young dream-pop act, Fetish People are that kind of band. Please enjoy our first DaBaoGe from Taiwan. The first (we hope) of many.

让身在台北的朋友给推荐个不错的当地乐队,得到的回复通常是“完全没有”以及一阵坏笑。在这让在中国呆了一段时间的我不禁有些诧异,今日大陆之流行文化,恰是深受台湾影响的。因此,在稍许功课之后,你会发现台湾还是有着相当不少有趣的音乐人。Fetish People就是这样一支年轻的Dream-pop乐团。请欣赏打包歌奉上的第一支台湾乐队。希望这会是一个好的开始。

Taipei-based fine-art photographer and now good friend Li-Han Lin introduced us to Fetish People. He’d mentioned them briefly over a coffee when I arrived in Taipei and cued “You Got Me When I Stare At You” on his iPod as we moved through the MRT subway station. I knew instantly it was a band we’d like to record. The studio track reminds me of something between Asobi Seksu and The Temper Trap and (contrary to the band’s plan) it turned out to be the one we recorded. I guess it was meant to be.

我的好友,台湾摄影师林立汉把我们介绍给了Fetish People。我刚到台北同他一起饮咖啡时,他简单说了说他们的情况,并在我们穿过地铁站时,从ipod里找出他们的一首“You Got Me When I Stare At You”。我马上意识到这是我们想要拍摄的乐队。这首歌让人想起介于Asobi Seksu 和The Temper Trap(与乐队的原旨截然相反)之间的什么,并最终成为了我们拍摄的曲目。我想,这大约就是缘分吧。

We first met HuaChun Hu 胡華鈞 (vocals/guitar), Dive Yen 嚴笑珍 (bass) and Giorno Xia 夏繼義 (drums) at a living-room bar called Fucking Place (操場) in Taipei’s Da-an District to discuss the concept over a couple of pints and happened to walk-in on a bunch of guys from LA filming a feature documentary called “Unhung Hero”. The title is self-explanatory. Guitarist HuaChun suggested the elementary school as a location and Dive (bassist and flight attendant by day) took the day off work to film.

在台北大安区的一间叫做Fucking Place (操場)的现场酒吧里,我们初遇了 胡華鈞(主唱/吉他), 嚴笑珍(贝司)以及夏繼義(鼓手)。本打算仅仅喝酒谈论拍摄计划的我们,意外地碰上了一群洛杉矶摄制组,正在拍摄乐队纪录片“Unhung Hero”。标题本身颇不言自明。 華鈞建议在一所小学里取景,而贝司笑珍则请了一天假参与拍摄。

We met again early on the afternoon of the shoot and the band treated us to Taiwanese style BBQ—one of the many Japanese influences that Taiwan has made their own—a definite highlight and time to get to know each other better. Arriving at the school, it was remarkable how receptive the staff and students were to a our band of cameras and instruments turning up and disrupting their lessons. By the time we strummed our way into the classroom, the first-grade audience were ready for “home time” and their faces begged to know how much longer it would be before they were dismissed.  That relationship between their innocence and the music are what made this location great. Even the school bell mid-way through the recording seems to add to the whole performance.


Fetish People formed in July 2010 and have already recorded an EP, due for release any day now.

Fetish People于2010年7月在台湾组建,并已录制了一张EP,不日即将发行。

Charles Andy
DaBaoGe (打包歌)


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