Rudd Deals: Naked vs Native

Kevin Rudd, Nick Kavanagh (Naked Communications) and Alyx Gorman (The Vine) have been in the spotlight for the last few days over what boils down to a bungled attempt at the latest trend in branded content, known as “Native Advertising”.

Despite what Kevin & the ALP claim, they were fully aware of the brief Naked sent to The Vine. Although the brief walks a very fine (ethical) line, it’s not what burned Naked and the Prime Minister’s office. The line was crossed when Nick Kavanagh followed-up the loosely suggested “Additional Considerations” (which are not OK and spell out some of the differences in brand vs political comms), with a righteous email to The Vine’s Editor, suggesting she was being unreasonable for declining what amounts to “cash for comment”.

If this was a campaign strategy for a high-profile musician, there would be no problem and no public (media) outrage. Regardless of any crimes against editorial policy, it should go without saying that there’s no room for manipulation of  macro issue of use of

In the wake of Naked’s balls-up, I decided to have a bit of fun with some search marketing on Google*. The ad appears when users (particularly fellow ad industry folk) search the names above and reads as follows:

Headline: Hey K.Rudd
Copy: Caught Naked with pants down? I’ll write yr digital strategy. Call me.

*It remains to be seen whether the ad is approved under Google’s AdWords policy.