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Shoes of Prey: Thanks Jodie

My very lovely friends Jodie, Michael and Mike from Shoes of Prey recently dropped-in to Shanghai for a visit. I have a lot of fun getting dressed in the mornings and Jodie happened to take a liking to this particular outfit. Read her post and design

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Visual Life Satorialist

Visual Life Documentary: The Satorialist

I really enjoyed this short documentary on street fashion photographer, Scott Schumann aka The Satorialist. He has such an professional, friendly, but somehow odd report with his subjects. There were two quotes from the film that particularly

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Online Fashion: 9 Innovations for Online Sizing

Lately, I've been trying to problem-solve  how to get accurate fittings online for a product like custom mens' shirts. Here are 9 possible innovations in determining sizing when shopping for clothes online and the advice I received from a handful of

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Mobile Youth

Ruby Pseudo: How Kids Use Their Phones

Below is my response to an article posted on Ruby Psuedo's blog. The original post, '10 Notions to consider about how kids use their phones... Up and at 'em again: Vanity' is 12 months old. But the themes are still being widely discussed. 369

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