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Anybody’s Fixed Gear: One Gear Book

A couple of my photographs are being published in a forthcoming book about fixed gear bicycles. It's called "One Gear". Congratulations to the guys at Anybody's Fixed Gear. The sample spreads (below) look great. 1076

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Five live tracks from two of China's most influential indie punk acts

Reel Cool #3: New York (China) Dolls

Five live tracks from two of China's most influential indie punk acts and one incredible, 'free folk' act. Filmed almost exactly 12 months ago in Brooklyn's powerHouse Arena. I love the film grading and production. Feels like it could have been

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Reel Cool Music Videos

Reel Cool #1: A Week of Music Videos

"Reel Cool" is a weekly post series featuring five videos worthy of your eyeballs. Here's the first and it's all music: El Guincho (Spain), Oh Mercy (Australia), Twin Shadow, Airport (India) and Bang Bang Tang (China)... 589

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Bangalore Youth

Bangalore Youth: More in Common with NYC than Rural India?

“My fundamental belief is that people across the globe are more alike than dis-similar. My belief is there's a global youth culture, where a youth in India has more in common with youth in NY than with people from rural India.” Joseph Tripodi,

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New York Bicycle Film Festival

I recently had the opportunity to head to New York to check out and hang out at the Bicycle Film Festival 'world headquarters'. Friends from BFF HQ some of the other visiting cities bombed around between bars, parties, and art shows in mild summer

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Seven things you didn’t know about me.

To show my appreciation at Julian Cole's efforts to jump-start my blog, here are a few things you may not have known about me. 68

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