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Anybody’s Fixed Gear: One Gear Book

A couple of my photographs are being published in a forthcoming book about fixed gear bicycles. It's called "One Gear". Congratulations to the guys at Anybody's Fixed Gear. The sample spreads (below) look great. 1076

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Christian Were: Vinegar Girl

Christian Were: Vinegar Girl

Also, Check out Christian Were's shots of Xinjian, China on flickr. Full of that nostalgic magic, produced when a great photographer masters the art of film. [via Ruby Pseudo]

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Visual Life Satorialist

Visual Life Documentary: The Satorialist

I really enjoyed this short documentary on street fashion photographer, Scott Schumann aka The Satorialist. He has such an professional, friendly, but somehow odd report with his subjects. There were two quotes from the film that particularly

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Queen Sea Big Shark

Queen Sea Big Shark @ Mao Livehouse

Beijing indie-pop rockers Queen Sea Big Shark played at Shanghai's Mao Livehouse on Friday night. I've had people in the (China music) industry tell me their live show was over-rated. Friday night was anything but. The venue brought great sound and

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Yimmy Yayo

Yimmy Yayo: Untitled & Unrelated

If you're in Sydney on Thursday 11 November, don't miss what will be a hella exciting collection of photographs from Yimmy Yayo, aka my dear friend James W. Mataitis Bailey. All prints will be raffled off (tickets $1) with the proceeds going to

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Ted Prize Artist JR

TED Prize Winner in Shanghai: Street Artist JR

Pervasive street artist JR, who was just awarded the TED Prize, is opening his latest exhibition 'The Wrinkles of a City' in Shanghai tonight. His work is characterised by intimately-shot black and white photographs, super-sized and pasted in

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Nick Peden China Youth

Nick Peden: Images of Contemporary China

Here's a selection of really interesting images from Nick Peden. Nick recently returned to Shanghai, after a research adventure through greater China, focusing on youth culture in the country's second-tier cities. These images remind me why I love

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Baker and Spice Shanghai

China’s Best Baked Goods: Baker & Spice

The best bakery in China sits in the heart of Shanghai's French Concession district. Here are some images I took this week for an article appearing in New Zealand media. 350

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Emiliana Torrini @ Metro (Syd)

Emiliana Torrini's live show was beautiful. It was one of the best I've seen since Regina Spektor toured in 2007. CW Stoneking, who played at the Metro the night before Emiliana was also one of the most brilliant shows I've seen this year. The key is

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