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Andreja Pejic featured in Vogue Magazine

Adland: How to Avoid Rainbow Washing

Clients and their agencies often baulk at using gay and lesbian people in campaigns not because they think it’s too risky, rather they have a misguided belief that they make up too small a part of their customer base. Originally published on

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Yimmy Yayo

Yimmy Yayo: Untitled & Unrelated

If you're in Sydney on Thursday 11 November, don't miss what will be a hella exciting collection of photographs from Yimmy Yayo, aka my dear friend James W. Mataitis Bailey. All prints will be raffled off (tickets $1) with the proceeds going to

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Emiliana Torrini @ Metro (Syd)

Emiliana Torrini's live show was beautiful. It was one of the best I've seen since Regina Spektor toured in 2007. CW Stoneking, who played at the Metro the night before Emiliana was also one of the most brilliant shows I've seen this year. The key is

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